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Minimalist Pokemon Wallpapers for iPhone

Pokemon Wallpapers

Want some really amazing minimalist Pokemon wallpapers for your iPhone? We got you covered. The hard part of creating these awesome minimalist Pokemon wallpapers was done by the great folks at PLDH.net. I was amazed to see that they have managed to get 493 Pokémon and even more from Pokémon X & Y.

The best part is they are all having a clean, flat minimalistic look to it. Huge props to the guys from pldh.net for creating these amazing wallpapers. I have selected a few out of Kanto and cropped em up to fit on the iPhone to show you guys how great they look on a mobile phone. If you want the Windows Phone version check out these Minimalist Pokemon Wallpapers from 1800PocketPC.

Have look at the once below and if your favorite did not make it in to this list let us know via the comments and I will update them with your favorites.

Charizard Wallpaper

charizard minimalist pokemon wallpapers

charizard minimalist pokemon wallpapers

Bulbasaur Wallpaper

bulbasaur minimalist pokemon wallpaper

bulbasaur minimalist pokemon wallpaper

Minimalist Pokemon Wallpapers

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