Game of Thrones is the first in the fantasy novel series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. HBO has a TV series by the name Game of Throne which is based on this novel. Set in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros the novel tries to tell the story of power struggles between the 7 houses for the Iron Throne and in later seasons we see the rise of new internal and external threats to the kingdom.

Today we will be sharing some nice wallpapers from the Game of Thrones, we hope to features many of the characters from the series, sigils from the great houses and various landscapes from Westeros. If you do like these wallpapers please do consider sharing these on social networks using the buttons below :

Game of Thrones Character’s Wallpapers Android 1080×1920

Here are some more amazing GOT character wallpapers that should work well on Android devices, these illustrations are by Ania Mitura, you can also get these and more as prints from the designers store on society6

Game of Thrones iPhone Wallpapers 640×1136

These are the official wallpapers from HBO

Minimalist Game of Thrones Wallpapers 640×1136

We got some new minimalist set of wallpapers for the 7 houses in Westeros , these designs were created by liquidsouldesign on Flickr

Game of Thrones House Sigil Wallpapers 640×1136

We got more more of liquidsouldesign‘s Game of Thrones wallpapers , this set focus on the major houses and shows their sigil and motto. If you guys have any request for which ones to go first , feel free to let us know via the comments. You can get these as posters or cards from the designers redbubble store.

Cute Game of Thrones House Wallpapers 640×1136

This series consist of some cute Game of thrones House Sigils designed by, you can buy these in print from his store over at society6

Game of Thrones Motto Wallpapers Android 1080×1920

This minimal Game of Thrones motto wallpapers were designed by Calvin P

Game of Thrones Wallpapers Windows Phone 768×1280

These wallpapers are sourced from various artists, I have linked to each one of them so you folks can see these artwork in its full glory. The artists are jamga, dr-salvador, Artgerm, ilker-yuksel, missqueenmob, creasdoutliner, Artgerm, robertbruno, njoo, christiannauck, Jig Ignacio.

There you have it folks over 60+ high quality Game of throne wallpapers for you Android, Windows Phone and iPhone. We hope you like them, we will try and update these with more GOT wallpapers in the near future.

  • sam5623

    Epic wallpaper dude. Do you have them for iPhone 4

  • Rich Mitch

    I am in love with King Joffrey, Where the fuck are his wallpapers ?

  • Surya TeJa

    Awesome yaar