People often worry about the what and often ignores the how when it comes to writing. Good typography is important when you consider how well the content you craft will look to others? We all know how hard it can be to come across good fonts, especially when you are looking for free fonts. We will share some of the best FREE fonts you can find on the web from retro and vintage fonts to modern and conceptual fonts, we are going to list out all the top quality fonts we have come across on the interwebs.

At some point in the future we will split out individual posts that looks more closely at specialist fonts like Grunge fonts, Tattoo fonts, Web fonts and more but for now its going to be a massive list of top quality fonts. As you can imagine when I say the best free font, it’s the best free font in my opinion and if you disagree feel free to challenge my decision in the comments, I would be happy to learn why you think it should not be included in here.

Please note that all of the fonts listed below might not be well suited for a web projects and for the love of God check if the font can be used in a commercial project before you use them. Even though all these fonts are free some of them might not be free to use in commercial project. I will link out to each of them so you can check this for yourself.

Simplex Display

Simplex Display
Simplex Display is a free font that is available for personal use, for commercial use you need to get the commercial license. Simplex Display, has 4 weights, 2 sets of #’s, small capitals and punctuations, this font was designed by Kenji Enos.


Streetwear is bold and stylish retro inspired script typeface suitable for logo, poster, branding, packaging and t-shirt design. It looks like 1960s and 70s fashion and sport related typeface, unique and fun at the same time. It was designed by Artimasa.

Sant Joan Despí

Sant Joan Despí Font
Sant Joan Despí was design by Forma & Co for ‘Nadal amb cor’ City Council campaign Sant Joan Despí. One distinct feature of the font is that instead of an O it has a heart. You ca get this font for a tweet or share.

Nikodecs is a free dec­o­ra­tive sans-?serif font designed by Polish type designer Grzegorz Luk.


Hitchhiker was designed by Slava Krivonosov from Russia, It was inspired by America’s mid-20th century and road travelling philosophy, especially by Jack Kerouac’s novel “On the road”.


EtharnigSc and deco­ra­tive?EtharnigNo12 are free fonts designed by Polish type designer Grzegorz Luk.Font EtharnigNo12 con­tain dec­o­ra­tive upper­case let­ters, Stan­dard Lig­a­tures and Con­tex­tual Alternates.

Brownie is an octagonal font that comes in two weights, Regular and Light. It was created by Nemk from Japan

Resamitz is a free Sans serif font with Reg­u­lar and Bold vari­ants. It was designed by Polish type designer Grzegorz Luk.

Chase is a sleek and chic sans serif typeface that comes in uppercase and lowercase. Its thin slender lines allow for great legibility, perfect as both a display typeface or as simple small text. Chase was designed by Anthony James, the free version is only available for personal use.


Glametrix is a Geo­met­ri­cal sans serif font designed by Polish type designer Grzegorz Luk.

Odin Rounded

Odin Rounded
Odin Rounded is an free experimental font family with a clean and linear appearance. The simple compact nature of the design and the many alternates allows for great economy of space across layouts. it supports upper/lowercase, kerning and opentype features. It was designed by Frank Hemmekam from Netherlands.

Gent is a free bold italic typeface designed by French Toast. Gent typeface is perfect for big Bold Headlines and displays that need a slightly modern look.

Dense is an elegant compact sans-serif typeface that only comes in regular weigh for download. But the designer Canadian artist Charles Daoud has plans to release the think and bold weights, in both uppercase and lowercase styles.

This free font was designed by Portugal based graphic designer Marisa Passos as part of a student project. You can download the characters (A-Z) and numbers (0-9). At the time of writing this article the font is available in OTF and TTF formats and is free for both personal and commercial use.

Manteka was designed by Edu Araya. It was designed for use in print, but should work quite nicely on the web.

Fenix is a serif typeface designed for display and long texts, its foundations are based in calligraphy, with strong serifs and rough strokes. Its proportions seek to gain space in height and width. Fénix is elegant at large sizes and legible at the same time, with a lot of rhythm in small sizes. It was designed by Fernando Díaz. The font is free with their desktop licensing.

Hallo Sans

Hallo Sans is available in 3 flavors Regular, Light and Black. It was designed by Fredrik Staurland

True Love Font

True Love Font
True Love Font was created just for fun by the designer Davide Cariani from Italy. It was inspired by the old school tattoo typography. It comes with Letters, Numbers, Dash and Dot.

Mohave is all caps display typefaces, built with smooth height and dynamic glyph. This typefaces is designed for large points setting, contains three weights, it’s regular, semi bold, and bold plus italics. This new version has improved glyph shapes, some difference alternates in the uppercase and lowercase, adding more latin diacritics and punctuation. Mohave Typefaces is good for display type such as headlines, poster, title, etc.

Molesk is a free font designed by Pedro Lobo, according to him this font is a slab serif with little shadows at the right.

Sahara is a sans serif bolded modular display font with a shadow/3D effect added to it, the font was based on the tiltle of a film with the same name,from the late 20’s.

Porto was born to be part of a logo design but it didn’t turn to be what was needed, and ended up as a free font.

Woodshop font was designed by Nick Slater who has decided to give it away from FREE. The download is available in the OTF format.

Biko is a geometric sans serif with a strong and yet friendly character. The font is perfect for display, copy text and logos. The name is a tribute to Steve Biko: a South African anti-apartheid activist. It was designed by Marco Ugolini and id free for personal use.


Sketchetik is a hand-drawn font by Ossi Gustafsson that comes in four styles: light, regular, bold and black. The lite version is available for free.

Baron is an free uppercase display typeface inspired by the classic sans serif font familes. This typeface is, because of his many alternative options and weights, perfect for usage in posters/logotypes and headlines. This Typeface is free for personal use and commercial use and the designer would really appreciate it if you could send some images of you’re project using this font.

Tracks Type

tracks type
Tracks type is all caps fonts and alphabet only, inspired with railway tracks slash, static, dynamic, and clean. This fonts available in two different style, Medium and Slanted. It was designed for display type such as headlines, poster, title, etc. It was designed by Gumpita Rahayu

Flex Display

Flex Display was designed by Álvaro Thomáz and is available for both personal and commercial project as long as you don’t modify or distribute the font.

Kilogram is a free font by KalleGraphics and according to the designer this is based on Nick Curtis’ font Anagram. Download is available in the form of an OTF file.


Construthinvism is a free font by Portugal based designers Pedro Fernandes and 4838DESIGN, it was inspired by Russian Constructivism, Cyrillic Characters and Alexander Rodchenko.

Klinic Slab is a contemporary, versatile Slab Serif, Klinic is a workhorse that marries personality and functionality. It was designed by Joe Prince. Users have the opportunity to pay whatever they like for a font, you can even type in ‘$0′ for a free download.

Fairview is a condensed sans serif, with small cap alternates, inspired by the industrial lettering of the 20th century. It was designed by Riley Cran. As with the other fonts on losttype users have the opportunity to pay whatever they like for a font, you can even type in ‘$0′ for a free download.

Mission Gothic

Mission Gothic is a relic; a ghost from an era where letters were hand-painted on wood and glass. Made up of five weights and two styles. It was designed by James T. Edmondson & Trevor Baum

Mission Maven

This collection represents the missing three lightest weights of the modern Sans-Serif Maven Pro typeface, including an ultra-thin hairline. It was designed by Joe Prince who is a graphic designer that specializes in logo and typography design. You can type in ‘$0′ for a free download.

Mission Edmondsans

Edmondsans is hard-working display face in three weights, featuring some useful niceties like small caps, non-lining figures, and a few alternates. This font was designed by James T. Edmondson

Mission Bemio

Bemio is an ultrabold sans font with an extensive character set. It bridges the gap between old signage and craftsmanship with modern forms and simplicity. It comes with more than 1000 glyphs, and full Language Support, Bemio was designed by Joe Prince.

Mission Blanch

Blanch is a display face, designed for the ‘Fruita Blanch’ brand, a family-run company. A traditional font with a contemporary feel, The Blanch typeface family is comprised of 6 weights; 3 condensed weights and 3 caps weights. It was designed by Atipus.

Cubano’s personality is defined by its rounded corners, wide strokes, and semi-condensed letterforms. Featuring 167 glyphs, Cubano is available in all caps with numerals, punctuation, symbols and most accent marks. It was designed by Chandler Van De Water

A chunky face for display type in two weights: inline and solid designed by Jim Dore

Arvil has strong lines with rounded, soft terminals, to produce a strong, yet friendly letterform. Available in all caps with numerals, punctuation and also a wide range of symbols. It was designed by Ben Dalrymple

A display typeface that’s both rugged and refined. Inspired by the workmanship, lettering, and baseball jerseys of the 1930’s and 40’s. Designed by Trevor Baum

Ribbon is now a full display face, including Opentype features for an alternate alphabet designed by Dan Gneiding


Inspired by our desire and need to explore. Always searching for the place to call home. This font was designed by Luke Lisi

A Bold, Geomteric Sans Serif in two styles (Regular and Cut). 122 Glyphs per Style. Includes a Sweet Lightning Bolt character. It was designed by Dave Witley

Wisdom Script

Wisdom Script was originally designed for Woods of Wisdom, a 50 part poster series on bad advice. It was designed by James T Edmondson. You can type in ‘$0′ for a free download.

Deming is a great display face that can be used in sizes both big and small. It was designed by Mike Fortress

Komoda is a display, sans serif typeface suitable for headlines, editorial and poster design. This font is free for personal and commercial use.

Lovelo Inline

Lovelo free font is remake of the original Lovelo Inline – designed by Renzler Design.

Typode is an experimental new font by typographer Santiago Oritz. Its characters are defined by coordinate so you can skew, stretch and twist the font to create some interesting effect.

Nexa is a free font that is available in two styles.

Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel
Grand Hotel finds its inspiration from the title screen of the 1937 film “Cafe Metropole” starring Tyrone Power. This condensed upright connecting script has a classic vibe to it. It has a wonderful weight to it that feels subtly tied to Holiday and Bakery themed designs, even though it can work outside that genre. Designed by Brian J. Bonislawsky and Jim Lyles for Astigmatic.

Ink In The Meat

Ink In The Meat
Ink In The Meat is a new font by Billy Argel, this font is partial and free for personal use only.

Ink In The Meat

Infinity free font was created from the simplicity of lines and curves with round corner and cap. The name comes from guides for creating, they are similar to number 8 and infinity symbol. The font is applicable for any type of graphic design – print, web, motion graphics, etc. It was designed by Tarin Yuangtrakul


Albatross is a free font which has 67 glyphs: the Roman alphabet, the numbers and a few extra characters – perfect for headings. There’s a regular and a bold version, available in TTF.

NeoDeco is a typeface designed by Jonatan Xavier

Archive is contemporary free font constructed with strong geometric forms. Applicable for any type of graphic design – web, print, motion graphics etc and perfect for t-shirts and other items like posters, logos. Designed by Slava Kirilenko – a graphic designer from Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Bebas Neue

Bebas Neue is a sans serif font family based on the original Bebas Neue free font by Ryoichi Tsunekawa. Now the family has four new members – Thin, Light, Book, and Regular.

A free typeface for the climate movement. If you’re a climate organizer, an academic, an NGO, a student, anything that’s non-commercial and non-climate denial, you can use Klima for whatever you want.

And there you have it folks, some amazing FREE fonts for you guys. I will keep updating this list with new stuff so check back after a while for new content. If you have a favorite new free font please do drop me a message and I will try and add it here.



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